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Saving Water Tips

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Check all pipes and toilets for leaks.

Fully load the dishwasher.

Wash full loads of clothes.

Take shorter showers.

Rinse vegetables in a pan of water rather than letting the tap run.

Use a bucket instead of a hose to wash your car.

In a watering can, where possible, for watering plants instead of a hose

Green Schools News October 2016

It is hibernating, harvesting and Halloween season! We are glad to say everyone has settled well back into school. A new Green Schools committee has been selected for the school year 2016/2017. Some members had to canvass and be elected by their class mates while others took part in a poster competition to select their committee member, very exciting stuff!

The following boys and girls are on our committee:

1st Class: Sophie Rickard, Modestus Terebeiza.
2nd Class: Tom Walsh, Paul Innis
3rd Class: Ruby Smith, Jill Condra
4th Class: Mia White, Samara Dunne
5th Class: Kacey Grenham
6th Class: Gareth Foran Bruton, Jordan Quigley

A new litter picking rota is in place. Just a brief reminder to children to take their lunch rubbish home with them and we encourage everybody to recycle at home. We have begun work on our water conservation programme so watch this space…..

St. Oliver’s N.S.  Green Flag Newsletter  September 2016   

Welcome back after the summer holidays everyone!
I hope you all had a busy and fun summer and are ready for another active, event packed and successful school year 2016/2017!

In the Green school’s world, well done to everyone last year on securing our 2 nd Green flag for Energy conservation! For the next two school years, we will be working enthusiastically, with the hope of achieving our 3 rd Green Flag for conserving water!

Last year we purchased a rain water collection barrel which we have been using to water our lovely flowers and plants. Keep an eye out for all of our other "water conserving" initiatives throughout the year.

A new Green school’s committee 2016/2017 will be selected in the coming weeks. One pupil from each class 1 st -6 th will be chosen at random to fulfil the duties of the Green school committee….. so watch this space!!

St. Oliver’s N.S.  Green Flag Newsletter  June 2016       

St. Oliver’s N.S. received their second Green Flag for "Energy Conservation" on Tuesday 24 th May. Elllie McNamara and Ewan Hoban from the Green school committee travelled to the Helix with Ms Cassidy and Ms Kellett to receive the flag.

We have worked hard for the past two years conserving energy around the school. We held our "No Energy" day in February to make teachers and pupils aware of how much energy we use on a daily basis within the school building.

Mr Sheehy’s fourth class took part in a slogan competition to compose a suitable slogan for saving energy in our school. The winning slogan is "Make Green schools smile with glee and help save some energy".

Ms Farrell’s class were very creative and created artwork entitled "Ways to Protect Our World". These were displayed on the stairs, well done third class!

The Green schools committee displayed signs all around the school to remind everyone to switch off lights, put computers on standby etc. when they are not in use.

Well done to all for a very Green year! Our theme for the next two years will be "water". Watch this space…..

St. Oliver’s N.S.  Green Flag Newsletter

Hi there everybody, this is your Green Schools Committee, welcome to our Greens Schools page!

Since St. Oliver’s N.S is a new school, we have been very busy putting our Green Schools programme in place and we have been successful!

Our hard work has paid off and St. Oliver’s N.S. has been awarded their first Green Flag for litter and waste reduction. Ms Cassidy, Ms O’Kane and two of our eldest members of our committee represented the school at a lovely ceremony held by An Tasice on May 21st in the Helix, DCU. As you can imagine we were very proud to be there receiving our flag for the first time and bringing it home.

You are probably wondering what we do, well here goes, we have a fully packed schedule.   

  • We encourage the teachers and the pupils alike not to litter. As the saying goes “Where litter lies, beauty dies”. You don’t want to have to pay a big fine and you feel better knowing you are doing your part for the environment.

  • We supervise the children in the yard at lunchtime to make sure that litter goes into the correct bins.

  • We organise our annual Spring Clean Up which is always a memorable day and lots of fun! This year was a huge success with many parents and grandparents giving us a helping hand. Windows were cleaned, vegetable patches were dug and weeds were pulled! Not to mention Auntie Litter Bug who paid us a visit to make sure not a bit of litter was left lying around. Thanks Auntie Litter Bug!

  • We promote a litter free school environment by holding poster and slogan competitions, recycling old clothes and mobile phones and singing our Green Schools song regularly. Have a listen to it, it’s very catchy!

  • We also make announcements to the whole school to ask the children to try and take their rubbish home with them.

As you can see we have been very busy and we have taken the pictures below of our Green School activities!

St. Oliver’s hope to raise their 1st Green Flag at the school on Friday, June 20th. Fingers crossed for some sunshine on what should be a special and memorable day! For more Green Schools information and events, watch this space.

Don’t forget
“Be Cool, We’re a Green School”.

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