Staff - St Oliver's Primary School

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Please see below for a list of our Staff/Teachers at St Oliver's National School

Ms Tiernan – Bell    
Ms Kellett    
Ms O’Kane     
Ms Cassidy     
Ms O’Toole     
Mrs Mathews     
Ms Gavin     
Ms McDonnell     
Mr McKenna     
Mr Keogh     
Mr McQuillan     
Mr McDonnell     
Ms Kierans     
Ms Twibill     
Ms McVeigh     
Ms O’Connor     
Loretta Rice     
Brian McGuinness     
Olivia Lenehan     
Áine Marry     
Ken Meier     
Jillian Connor     
Ms Lynch     
Ms O’Reilly     
Ms Crinion     
Ms Brannigan     
Ms Coleman     
Mr Dunne     
Mr Carolan
Ms McTeggart

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