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Active Schools: The school community is working hard to gain an Active Schools flag. There are a number of initiatives in place to help us gain a flag. The school is hoping to collectively run the distance to Paris. We have 993km remaining. There is daily football at lunch time on the grass area and the yard is a hive of activity at lunchtimes with ball games and other games aplenty.

Aquatics: 6th class completed their aquatics module with 5 weeks of swimming lessons in Integral during September and October. We learned and practiced many different swimming strokes and are now more confident in the water. Thanks to the swimming instructors for their patience and guidance throughout

Food Dudes:
We are very excited to be starting the Food Dudes programme in the school on November the 5th. Every class will be provided with a great range of different fruits and vegetables to taste and enjoy. Hopefully we'll discover some new foods we haven't tried before!

Twitter: St. Oliver's N.S. is now on Twitter! Follow us on @StOliversSchool or check out the Twitter feed on the school website to keep up to date with the latest news and events in the school!

Gaelic: Both boys and girls have been busy training over recent weeks, in particular we are delighted to see boys and girls getting involved in GAA for the first time. The girls have some upcoming matches over the next month while the boys have been busy in action in the Autumn Cumann na mBunscol league. They had a great victory over CBS Dundalk and were unlucky to be on the wrong end of some very close encounters in recent weeks. Well done to all and good luck in the upcoming games!

Soccer:The 4th class boys and girls competed in the FAI indoor futsal blitz in October.  They were fantastic representatives for the school and displayed great soccer skills and teamwork. Well done!

Rugby: Fifth class are undertaking Rugby training with Boyne Rugby Club. They are thoroughly enjoying the training so far and are developing great rugby skills.

Lourdes Brass Band: On September 14th the Lourdes Brass Band put on a music demonstration for 2nd and 3rd class. The children and teachers even got a chance to try and play some of the instruments. It was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Our new Greenschools committee for the school year 2018/2019 is made up of girls and boys from 3rd-6th class. We are working towards obtaining our 4th Green flag for Travel in May 2020. We hope to increase the percentage of children walking, cycling, skooting and car/bus pooling to school to help the environment and also to boost the child's physical and emotional health. In line with our Active Flag committee also, we will be beginning "OFF - On Foot Fridays" after the Halloween break. More information to follow on this.

Net Ministries: For a second year, we have been very fortunate to welcome the NET Ministries to our school. We thank Fr. Barry for inviting them. They held a very engaging and enlightening retreat for the children in 5th and 6th class.

Students Council: The newly elected students council was formed on September 30th. The council will be working hard this year  to make our school a happier, better, safe place for everyone to learn and do their best with the help of Ms Tiernan Bell, Ms Kellett and all the teachers. Every month the council will meet, to plan activities, organise fund raising and talk about what new ideas we have to make our school the best. The council hopes to visit neighbouring schools after the mid-term to meet other student councils and to observe their work.

St Oliver's Maths Week: Maths week took place from the 13th- 19th October. All classes were involved in  maths trails and maths challenges. We learned about famous mathematicians, maths in art and in our environment. Pupils also took part in Lego STEM challenges- check out the pictures on the blog.

Parents Association: AGM for Parent’s Association was held on 22nd October. A new committee was formed. We wish them all the best in the year ahead and we look forward to working with them. Last year the Parent’s Association worked hard on improving our yard facilities. We have wildlife signs, buddy bench signs and rules of the school signs. We have also purchased lots of PE  equipment, Library books, Curriculum resource packs, Ipad apps, Maths equipment—Weighing scales shapes,  Measuring sticks dice, Trundle wheels and other learning resources. We appreciate all the work the Parent’s Association do to make St Olive’s N.S a great place to be.

Battle of the Boyne: On Wednesday the 26th of September 4th class visited Oldbridge as they were learning about the Battle of the Boyne. The children loved visiting the battlefield and learning more about King William of Orange and James II. They watched a laser show and a short movie based on the battle and even got to see some cannons. The children had a great day!

Ms McVeigh:
A big welcome to all our new Junior Infants boys and girls here in St Oliver's! We have settled well into the school routine, made lots of new friends and we are looking forward to a year full of learning and fun!

Ms Mischo: We have been very busy learning about autumn! We've had great fun looking at the changing colours of leaves, cracking open chestnuts, making squirrels and owls in art, and singing a few songs!

Senior Infants: Senior Infants have had a great start to the new school year, we even welcomed some new pupils into our classrooms! Our Aistear theme for September was 'At School' and we had great fun learning through play each and every day. We especially enjoyed 'Maths week' going on a shape hunt throughout the school and playing lots of maths games.

1st class: We have been busy exploring all things science! They made paper planes and flew them round the P.E hall. We measured the distance they flew and compared the different types of planes made. We also made mazes using items around the classroom and magnets, we had great fun making, testing and improving our mazes. Have a look at our blog to see pictures. First class also teamed up with 6th class to go on a nature hunt around the school, we had great fun working together to spot signs of autumn

2nd Class: 2nd Class have started Gaelic training every Wednesday for a duration of 7 weeks. They have been working very hard to develop new skills and have been enjoying the games and activities. Big thank you to Brian for giving up his time.

Dia daoibh from Miss Boylan’s Second Class : We have been very busy this term learning about what happens in Autumn and how and why leaves change colour. We had Literacy Power Hour every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We were reading lots of books and learning to write full sentences. We also had Mata sa Rang every day. We won the punctuality award in September as we had the most boys and girls in school and on time for the month. We had a pop corn party and a movie as part of our award.

Third Class:
The boys and girls in 3rd Class have been extremely busy this September! Our theme for this month has been "Me, Myself and I". We have been doing lots of different and fun activities all about ourselves, including self portraits, family trees, acrostic poems and "All about me" displays in both Art and Irish. The boys and girls also completed wonderful projects on the different counties of Ireland. To find out more visit our class blog

Active Schools: The school community is working hard to gain an Active Schools flag. There are a number of initiatives in place to help us gain a flag. The school is hoping to collectively run the distance to Paris. We have 993km remaining. There is daily football at lunch time on the grass area and the yard is a hive of activity at lunchtimes with ball games and other games aplenty.

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